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About us Corporative

OLIVE QUIMICA, S.A. is a company founded on 1974 which is a part of the Spanish holding GRUPO OLIVÉ. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of silicones and sealants for both the architectural and construction sectors, as well as industry and D.I.Y.

OLIVÉ has a very wide production range, covering the necessities for sectors where applied and markets where distributed: silicones, acrylics, modified silane, polyurethane, butyl, polyurethane foam, adhesives and glue, cement and a wide selection of application tools. This range is complemented by a line of auxiliary products such as: butyl based preformed bands, polythene foam tape, single and double-sided adhesive tape and cord joint filler.

OLIVÉ's silicones and sealants have been applied in more than 50 countries, in both forefront architectural and engineering avant-garde projects, covering all the technical requirements for each one and in compliance with the regulations and certificates of every country adapting to each country's climatologies needs where applied.

The company's business philosophy has always been typified by the great importance that is placed on quality and respecting the environment has led to an environmentally friendly management and production structure that has earned the company the ISO 14001 certification. Similarly, the company possesses the ISO 9001 certification, in recognition of its commitment to research and development as well as the high standards of manufacture and distribution.

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